Friday, January 22, 2010

Loving the Here and Now

Do you love your "right now?"  Not your, "Someday," or your "When this project is over?"  Do you really love the place you are right now?

I think I just saw a few of you spit soda out your nose laughing at me.  As I sit in my office surrounded by unfinished projects and half completed thoughts I wonder if I even like my "right now" let alone love it.

You may wonder why I picked this silly little topic.  If you are a mother of young children and are surrounded with runny noses, smelly diapers and sleepless nights I doubt you are reveling in the experience.  (Warning: I have been told I will look back on these days with fondness.  I have not figured out how being puked on at 2 am will ever evoke fond memories, but I am going on faith here.)

The answer as to why is simple.  I find myself thinking I will be happy/content/relaxed/more in control later.  I think this quite often in fact.  If you think you don't do the same thing I have a question.  When was the last time you looked at your calendar and said, "I will be happy when this nasty/busy week is over?" Ha! I caught you!

So what does it take to be happy now?  How do I enjoy telling my kids a million times to brush their teeth and stay in their room at bedtime?  How do I walk away feeling enjoyment in situations I find crazy and out of control?  Hmmm?

I have the sinking feeling that you are looking over your shoulder for the solution just like I am.  While there are plenty of people who can give me perspective now they are past the time of their life they disliked, few people in the thick of things have a clue.

I laugh at the option of "cutting back."  What would you like me to cut back on, laundry or dinner?  I smirk at those who think I should just "let it go."  Go where, the loony bin?  I am in a period of my life I find stretching my comfort zone.  Anyone who hasn't exercised lately can tell you stretching can hurt...a lot.  I want to love where I am, I just wish "where I am" included a beach and a nap.

So I throw this out to you, how do you love where you are?  How do you revel in the excitement of life, even when the excitement is not what you had hoped for?  How do you start loving the here and now and not the distant future?  I want to know, so pipe up, contribute, and type a comment. I am waiting...

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