Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekend Laundry and Other Horrible Stuff

Upcoming weekends always seem like a release from prison for me.  Don't get me wrong, my life is not a prison by any means, but I love the feeling of having a different schedule ahead.  Monday through Friday is all about getting kids ready for school, getting the spouse off to work, doing housework and keeping food in everyone's tummy.  The weekend is about longer sleep patterns, family fun, and a change from the normal.  I love it.

That said, I always have big plans for the weekend.  With all of us home we can do things as a family, we can catch up on projects and we can inject a little entertainment into our lives.  Enter reality.  What I usually end up doing is laundry.  Laundry day is technically Wednesday, but let's face it, it never gets done.  I try, I try really hard, but my life doesn't like Wednesday laundry. If we are being honest it doesn't like laundry any other day either, but I digress...

So every weekend I spend catching up from the week before.  I have to clean and scrub the week's grime from the surfaces of my home, all the while knowing it will come right back.  As I spend so much of my time doing what I thought I just did, (you know what I'm talking about Mr Dirty Dish) I hardly ever seem to get something new accomplished.  This can lead me to be a bit grumpy.

So in the midst of dishes, kids and laundry, how am I supposed to add the "important" stuff into my life?  By important I am not referring to basic survival, instead I am referring to the things I know need to get done, but aren't a crisis yet.  Where do those things fit in?

Glad you asked! They fit in right where I put them.  If I make time, even go as far as to schedule it, then I get them done.  If I don't schedule it, it doesn't get done.  Period.  I never accidentally remember to plant a garden.  I never spontaneously rotate my food storage or impulsively sit down to organize my tax documents.  I have to make a plan and do it.

So now you have a copy of Prepared Binder - Home Edition in front of you.  You did an amazing job of being proactive and getting the tool you needed to finish the job.  Now what?  You schedule time to complete it.  You can even give that time a special name if you want to.  How about. "Because I am in charge of my life" time scheduled on Mondays from 9:30 until 11:00 am? Or, "Because I am a domestic god/goddess" hour on Thursdays from 1-2 pm.  Whatever works.

Do I think you will be perfect at this?  Nope.  I am sure you will have to run the cat to the vet because he has a lodged fur ball during your first "I am good enough to get this done" day, but keep at it.  Taking the time to devote to future projects will increase your productivity.  As it is a departure from the normal it will help shake up the boredom and maybe, just maybe, it will feel like the weekend...but without having to wait until the end of the week.

Today's Question: When can you schedule "Get it Done" time?

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