Monday, September 28, 2009

Missing Camera..Missing Sanity

Do you ever have that sinking feeling you have lost something important?  I am feeling that way right now.  I can't find my camera.  My really good, husband picked it out for me, memory card has my kid's birthday on it, camera. Agghhh! I hate this. I have looked in all the normal places, which means it is in an abnormal place. Grrrr.

I will find my camera, I will find my camera, I will find my camera...

I know that beyond you regular human compassion, you probably don't care if I find my camera, you just want me to stop complaining.  I promise there is a reason I brought this up, and it wasn't just for the sympathy.

My camera is an obvious part of my counter.  It sits there, just waiting to be used to capture glimpses into the lives of my children and family, yet it is M.I.A. today when I am looking for it.  (Did I mention grrrr?)  I am calm and determined, but yet it is still no where to be found.  It must be someplace obvious, but where?

If this was an emergency (I'm not exactly sure what constitutes a camera emergency) there is no way I would find it.  The same goes for important papers.  In an emergency there is a high likelihood they can be sitting in plain sight and you won't see them.  Not good, I know.

So how do you organize the papers in your household so they can be found in an emergency? How do you make sure you are not ripping the house to shreds while looking for the one thing you can't find? So glad you asked.  Prepared Binder - Home Edition is a great tool to help you accomplish that task.  It is an easy to use system which helps you find, organize and store all those little things you need, but can never find when you have to.

If you are reading this blog, you are probably familiar with the product, but if not, check it out.  I am obviously a fan, but more importantly you will be too.  If nothing else, using Prepared Binder - Home Edition will help you avoid that nagging, frustrating, sinking feeling that comes along with missing important paperwork.  Now if I could only find my camera...

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