Friday, September 4, 2009

The Grocery List

Have you ever headed to the grocery store without a list?  You say to yourself, "I will remember everything, so I don't need a list." Then you walk around mumbling to yourself, "eggs, milk, bread, sour cream, vanilla, etc..."

What always happens? You forget something, that's what happens! So why is it we think we can grab everything we need in an emergency? If we can't remember our grocery list when we are calm how are we supposed to remember our emergency information when we are in a panic?

I had one lady recently tell me a funny story.  She lived in California and was forced to evacuate a few years ago during the wildfires.  She had only a few minutes to leave. When she tried to put her emergency food supply in the car she couldn't find it.  She looked everywhere, but couldn't find it.  She was forced to leave without her food.  When she returned to her home she realized that she had her foot on the food while she was looking for it, but never saw it.

So I ask again, if we can't remember things when we are calm, how will we ever remember them when we are stressed? The answer to this one is simple, we write it down and store it where we will find it. Take the time when things are calm to write out all the information you will need during an emergency.  Get creative with the emergencies you plan for but make sure you have the basics covered. Prepared Binder - Home Edition is a wonderful product to get you going.  Think of it as detailed suggestions for a grocery list.  Fill out the forms provided and collect the information it suggests.  When you are finished you will have a wonderful resource, and you may even be able to remember the gallon of milk...

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