Thursday, September 3, 2009

Know your Blood Type and Other Important Stuff

What is your blood type?  That used to be a simple question, but not many people know that detail today.  Even though hospitals keep it in their records, many do not disclose it unless specifically asked. (Odd, I know.) So what else are you unsure of regarding your own medical history?

When organizing your medical information it is important to document the details, things like blood type, surgery dates and locations, test performed and hospital stays.  Why does it matter you may ask?  Well, in an emergency there is a high likelihood you will be treated by a doctor other than your own.  Having immediate access to the above mentioned information can really improve your level of care.  I know you think you will remember to tell the doctor all of this, but in an emergency this isn't what you remember, and even if it was, you might not be able to relay the information yourself.

Taking the time to detail your medical history, along with the histories of those in your home, allows you to track down details when it is convenient for you.  Take a look at the medical section in your copy of Prepared Binder - Home Edition and fill it out.  If there is information you don't know, ask your doctor the next time you see her. Be in charge of your health history.  You can do it. (Yep, that was your official pep talk.)

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