Monday, November 26, 2012

Motivational Monday #73 - Being Thankful is So Last Thursday!

I saw a picture on Facebook last week that said something about the Untied States being the only place where we have an entire holiday to be thankful for that which we have, and then we wake up early the next morning to race around like crazy people to buy all the things we don't have.  Good point.  In fact, the news reported this morning that the average shopper spent more than $430 on Black Friday alone.  Wow!

So now it is cyber Monday, and they are expecting record breaking sales.  While that is fabulous for the economy, and economists everywhere say this is a sign we are pulling out of a recession, I have to wonder if it is anything more than people just being tired of feeling scared to spend money.

I remember living in Texas in the 1980's.  The economy there was scary.  People were losing their jobs daily.  Even as a child I can remember the tension that filled our home.  We didn't spend any money we didn't have to.  There were no frivolous expenses and big ticket items were put on hold indefinitely.  While I know things have been far worse in the past, it was still a hard time, mainly because of the uncertainty. 

Now we are facing this "fiscal cliff" and no one seems to have an idea what that really means.  People have been scared to spend money for about five years now, and they are getting tired of it.  Economic uncertainty is the norm for an entire group of young people who have headed out into the work force, and they don't see that as a reason to worry.

So what do we do?  We spend!  Last week we celebrated family and friends, and took time to be thankful for the good things in our lives.  This week we throw ourselves head first into spending money and decking the halls.  I can't say I am immune to this tradition, if I am being honest I will tell you my shopping started weeks ago.  For some, this time of year is all about finding the best deals.  For others it is the thrill of the hunt.  Still others find comfort in the annual tradition.

For me, buying gifts is about taking the time to think about the people I care about and determine what small object will put a smile on their face.  I think about what I can do to help them or entertain them.  I am a practical girl by nature, and Christmastime is no exception. I find gifts they can use.

Guess what?  Here is my annual shameless plug.  Prepared Binder is a wonderful way to give your family members something useful, something they may not think about on their own.  It is your chance to show them you are thinking about them and the things that could make their lives easier.  It is a practical gift, and one that can benefit their lives.  The best news is that they will use it more than a reindeer sweater, and they will enjoy it more than a fruitcake.  So go take a look.  If you buy this week, you can use code FB2012 for a 20% discount.  (Offer ends December 2, 2012) 

Enjoy your Cyber Monday, and may your shopping be fruitful, your deals be amazing, and your wallet be plump!

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