Monday, November 5, 2012

Motivational Monday #71 - The Change in the Weather

Every year about this time we see a change in the weather.  For those in the north east, they saw a HUGE change last week in the form of super storm Sandy.  It looks like they will now have to face a lovely nor'easter coming to freeze up all the water in their homes and dump snow on people who still don't have electricity.  Gotta love the onset of winter weather!

Here in the desert we are experiencing a less dramatic cooling trend.  Today will be in the 90's, but by Saturday we will be a cool, bring out the snow parkas, 63 degrees.  I am already dusting off my electric socks to make sure I don't freeze in my bed.  (What can I say, I have been a desert rat for a long time now!)

It seems like every year at this time people start discussing the weather.  It is either warmer than they can ever remember, or the coldest/wettest/nastiest winter on record.  It doesn't seem like there is much in between.  Even though we all have these same conversations each year, we keep on having them regardless of what this year's weather really happens to be.  It is as if the conversation itself is a time honored tradition on par with summer BBQ and Monday Night Football.

After years of listening to different versions of this conversation, I am struck by one interesting fact.  People tend to still be surprised by the weather.  I have to admit this is a little confusing.  When it snows, they are surprised.  When it doesn't snow, they are surprised.  When it rains, they are surprised.  When it doesn't rain, they are surprised.  As far as I can tell, the earth has had weather as long as it has existed, thus as long as human kind has existed...yet we are still surprised!

So here are a few spoiler alerts:
  1. It is cold in the winter.  This may in fact mean snow and all manner of icy icky-ness.  You may be required to use chains on your tires or stoke a real fire to stay warm.  You may lose power.  You may be trapped in your home.  You may have to shovel snow.  It happens.
  2. It may not be super cold this winter.  You may not get the snow you expected, and that may be a problem for the snow pack the crops rely on.  The ski resorts may not open on time.  It happens.
  3. It may be dry this winter.  There is the possibility that you may not get the rain you need this winter.  You may be worried about wildfires later in the season.  You may be concerned about reservoir and water table levels.  ( I bet you guessed it...) It happens!
Yep, indeed, these are just a few of the conversations we have each year, but it all comes down to not being able to control the weather, and thus needing to be prepared for whatever happens. Farmers have to plan for early and late freezes.  Cities have to plan for low water levels.  The travel industry has to plan for fewer winter vacationers when the snow is late.

How do you plan?  What do you do to make sure you have what you need to weather the storm, or the lack thereof?  How do you make sure you are ready?

This happens more than we would like to admit.  As much as we talk about it, we tend to forget how often our friends, family and neighbors are impacted by the weather.  I remember the ice storms a few years back which had tens of thousands displaced.  Now we have the fallout from super storm Sandy ahead of a large winter storm.  Who can forget the huge wildfires we have seen in the west, or the drought throughout large areas of the country?

Having a weather plan does not make you an extremist.  Knowing how you are going to take care of your family during extreme weather just makes good sense.  Mother Nature doesn't always send us a tidy memo with explicit instructions, so we need to make sure our plans are broad and flexible.

So there you go, the Motivation you need this Monday.  It really is time to get a plan.  Take that plan and put it into action.  You will feel better when you do.

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