Monday, November 19, 2012

Motivational Monday #72 - Prepare Every Yummy Thing

Today is the day I start cooking for Thanksgiving.  Yep, days ahead.  I make the goodies and prep the tasty treats.  From here on out it will be a smorgasbord or yummy smells and giggles of delight.  You may or may not see me with crumbs on my chin after I consume a metric ton of cranberry tarts.

You might wonder why I get started so early, but then again you may already know I am nuts!  Actually, I start now so that I may enjoy my time on Turkey Day itself.  If everything is prepped and ready to go, I have a better chance of enjoying the company of my guests and the mellow vibe of the season.

So there you go, preparation isn't just for emergency preparedness, it is for turkeys too.

I do hope this week is calm and productive for each of you.  May your turkey be juicy, your pies be flavorful, and your clean up minimal!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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