Monday, October 17, 2011

Motivational Monday #59 - And Here We Go Again

Every year I write a nice long post about why Prepared Binder is the right gift to give this year.  I have to admit is seems strange to do so.  Over the last two years I have written about many things, natural disasters, being prepared, getting involved, volunteering, gaining perspective, taking action, overcoming fear, and a myriad of other things as well.  Then it is time to write the annual 'Why you should use Prepared Binder' post and I get all tongue tied.

Silly, huh?

I believe in this product.  I know it can help.  I know it can take an overwhelming task and break it down into smaller and more manageable portions.  It can facilitate progress.  It can start conversations.  It can create an inner peace when you know you have dealt with the details.

I know all of that, but it still feels strange to tell you.

Maybe I feel awkward because I am asking you to love something I created.  There is a level of personal investment with that request.  Maybe I feel odd because there are so many ways to spend your hard earned dollars, and I am asking for you to consider Prepared Binder.  Maybe I feel uncomfortable because I would rather talk to you in person than over the internet.

Or maybe I am just being a ninny.

So here it is, my official pitch on behalf of my wonderful product:  Prepared Binder is a practical, useful and needed product.  It is a better gift than reindeer sweaters or electric socks.  It is more thoughtful than a fruitcake and it is a better conversation piece than a flocked tree.

Instead of rewriting what I have already said, here are links to some of my favorite posts that explain Prepared Binder:

Okay, there it is, my annual sales pitch.  Now go out there and order 5 of them and tell your family you care with the gift of preparedness.

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