Monday, October 10, 2011

Motivational Monday #58 - Playing Dress Up Is Good For The Soul

I'm not sure why, but a big part of childhood is pretending to be someone else.  Little girls dress up as fairy princesses, and little boys dress up an ninja's or pirates.  If they are really adventurous they dress up as their parents and act out what it would be like to be an adult.

I was never a 'girly girl' but I did my fair share of dress up too.  It was a nice escape to be someone else.  It was fun to forget my own worries and enter the magical land of sugar plums and pixie dust.

As I watch my kids put on this year's Halloween costumes and run around the house lost in the magic of imagination, I wonder what creative world they have designed for themselves.  

I know that as adults we tend to make things a little too serious.  We look at the deep problems of the world and focus on the overwhelming obstacles in our way.  Sometimes I wish I could turn into a fairy princess and wave my magic wand. 

Today is a Motivational Monday post, and I bet you are wondering what these personal reflections will do to motivate you.  My hope is that you will take a moment and imagine what it would be like to be someone else, or have a super power, or live in a far away kingdom. 

I think the time we take in imagination opens our minds to the possibilities we ignore.  It reminds us of the dreams we have and the goals we strive for.  When we remember these little details it helps refocus our energies and improve our outlook.

While I may never be a princess with unlimited magical powers and a fabulous castle, I am a mother who has the power to make my kids smile and we all live in a castle exactly the size I am willing to clean.

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