Monday, June 27, 2011

Motivational Monday #50 - Your Burr In The Saddle

Today I headed to the dentist. Yep, it was that bad...

Over the weekend I got something stuck under my gum line and it created a sore in my mouth.  I think I now officially understand the term "Burr in the Saddle" because Oh My! Something as small as a strawberry seed has caused me a ton of pain.  Not a fan!!

I think we often get burrs in our proverbial saddles, those little things that irritate us, but don't seem like they should have much power over us.  Be it strawberry seeds, annoying people, unfinished projects or a simple pebble in our shoe, small things can really change how we act and feel.

Why is it that small things change our lives so much?  I know that in the case of the seed, it was the pain that got my attention, and I think as humans we react to pain all the time.

So what to do?  If you have ever seen a horse with a burr in his saddle, you know that things can get bad fast. How do we keep the small irritants of our lives from being huge issues?
  1. Identify what is irritating you. You can't stop the pain if you don't know what is causing it.
  2. Eliminate the offending object/situation.  If at all possible, take the time to remove the irritant.  While it may be inconvenient to sit down, remove your shoe, and dig the pebble out, you will walk a lot farther if you aren't in pain.
  3. Take the time to heal. Some times little things cause huge wounds.  Once you have removed the things that were causing you grief, the pain may not stop immediately.  Our bodies and our minds  require time to recover.  Give yourself the permission to heal.
  4. Evaluate what happened...and prevent it if possible.  Sometimes the things that annoy us are easy to identify and avoid, sometimes not. If there is a simple fix, take the time to make it happen.
What are some things you consider "burrs in the saddle?"  Do you have situations that drive you nuts or people who get under your skin?  Do you have projects that are unpleasant or events that make you insane?  I want to hear all about it, so hit the comments.

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