Friday, June 17, 2011

Frantic Friday # 25 - Getting in the Car

Some days the hardest thing I do is get the family out the door and into the car. I am sure there are military campaigns that require less planning and tactical support than the simple act of leaving the house.

You may wonder why this is so hard for me...or you may have kids yourself. For some reason, the need to change location is a big deal for kids and the adults have to be prepared. If you are going to the park you need sand toys, snacks and drinks. If you are going to the pool you need towels, suits and snacks. If you are heading to camp, you need sun hats, tennis shoes...and you guessed it...snacks.

I have found that if I have the bags packed and in the car long before I load the kids I am much more likely to get out the door on time than if I don't. To make this work, I have the following suggestions:
  1. Create a GO bag. We have multiple backpacks ready to go in the hall closet. There is a bag for swim lessons, a bag for day camp, and a bag for movie days.  I keep the standard supplies inside, so I don't have to hunt for things as we run out the door.
  2. Keep ice packs frozen.  When needing a lunch in a hurry, having a cold ice pack can really open up your options.  If you aren't paying attention, ice packs can get left in the last lunch box they were used in.  Make sure to keep them frozen after use.
  3. Make the kiddos responsible for adding desired objects to the bag.  We have church activity bags, and while I verify the objects are appropriate, I do not choose the items.  I found that we had a ton of wailing and crying when they realized I had left behind a treasured toy or activity.  Now they know what they have and everyone is happy.
What suggestions do you have for getting out the door?  I am always eager to learn tricks of the trade.  Chime in and let me know!


  1. I think it's a great idea to have the bags packed and in the car before it's time to get the kids moving. I don't have anything to add to your list, but I can tell you that I don't have any better luck getting the girls out the door at ages 8 and 10. For some reason it's just not a smooth transition.

  2. Oh Drat! I was hoping this would get better!!!

  3. Maybe for some it does and I've got it wrong. Inevitably, though, we get in the car and someone shouts they forgot something. Okay, I admit half the time that's me. But, worrying you are not prepared is something that doesn't seem to end once the kids can get in the car by themselves. Maybe it's a bigger metaphor for life and I just don't realize it. Now I HAVE to keep reading your blog so I can continue to get prepared for life.

  4. So glad you found a reason to keep reading...~wink~! I hope I can live up to those expectations...