Monday, January 24, 2011

Motivational Monday #33 - Knowledge is Power

Today my car needs a check up. I could have sworn my car just had a check up.  In fact my car may get a check up more often than I do.  I think it sees the mechanic more often than I see the doctor.  Really.

You may wonder why I tell you this boring and somewhat mundane fact about my I'll tell you.

As I rolled out of bed today, I realized I had yet one more thing on my to do list.  Don't get me wrong, I think auto maintenance is very important, I just wish it wasn't my job.  I don't like taking my kids to sit down at the dealership or auto shop while they stick their heads under the hood and tell me the world will come to an end if I don't pay $$ for this or $$$ for that. I do not like the feeling of being at the mercy of some guy I don't know, who is telling me I need something I don't know enough about to disagree.  The last time the car was in the shop they told me I needed a new alternator...what I really needed was my belt adjusted. sigh

After way too much person pondering and soul searching, I realized it isn't the car, the mechanic, or even the expense of it all that bothers me.  The part I don't like is being put in a situation where I don't feel confident in my opinions.  I just don't know enough about auto repair to be able to know if they are telling me the truth or not. I hate that.

On this Motivational Monday I encourage you to look at the areas of your life you don't know enough about.  Don't try and become an expert at everything, just learn a little bit about the subjects that affect you. Gain enough exposure to those topics that you can readily contribute to the discussion.

Do you remember the old public service announcements that said "Knowledge is Power?" I think they were right, so go get some...both knowledge AND power.

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