Friday, December 3, 2010

Frantic Friday #7 - Is it December Already???

You may be wondering if I fell off the planet, as I have only posted once this week.  No I have not fallen off the planet, I have however been given a healthy dose of December.

Once again you may be scratching your head and wondering how I could be in over my head when it is only the third of the month. If I am cooked already on the third, I will be really overdone by the actual holidays.

Here is my excuse, December snuck up on me.  It jumped out from behind a bookcase and yelled "Surprise!!!!" It so frightened me that it took a few days to really grasp the meaning. Wow!  I have only a few weeks to pull off the memory laden season I remember with glee from my childhood.

As I contemplated the packages, the decorations, the food and the festivities, I realized I have no energy to pull it off.  Even worse, if I try, I will be the biggest Scrooge out there, so here is my plan.

I have decided to do what I can, and forget the rest.  Simple traditions are in, complicated extras are out. The meal will be simple, the celebration humble.  I will do use my energy to be happy and enjoy the magic of the season.  I will not expend energy on drama and fluff.

So raise your right hand and promise to remember why December was magical as a child.  It wasn't the shopping or the merry making.  It was the twinkling lights, the extra caring, the attention given to those who needed help, and the smiles we saw on other children's faces.

In answer to my original question, yes, December is here.  I now have an opprotunity to enjoy the small stuff, because the big stuff won't make me happy anyway.

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