Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The December Crazies - Symptoms and Cure

Every year when the weather turns cold, multiple illnesses reemerge in the general population. In addition to generic cold and flu viruses, there are a myriad of social ailments which resurface. The focus of today's discussion is the December Crazies.

The December Crazies can be defined by the following symptoms:
  1. Crazed look in the eyes
  2. Total lack of manners
  3. Frantic grabbing of items off the shelves in stores
  4. No awareness of others around them, unless to express annoyance
  5. Disdain for the caroling bell ringers at the doors of stores
This condition is usually temporary, brought on by increased stress and impending visits from relatives.  Complications to the December Crazies include permanent annoyance at other human life and maxed out credit cards.

To avoid the December Crazies it is important to do the following:
  1. Take things into perspective.  The perfect gift really isn't that big of a deal.
  2. Avoid human contact when you are stressed and ready to yell at others.  This may require long periods of time alone.
  3. Get adequate sleep, which may require you to forgo the usual decking of the halls.
  4. Schedule only what you can actually accomplish.  This includes parties.
  5. Watch calming holiday movies in lieu of frantically completing an assortment of homemade presents and goodies.
When the month of December has passed it is important to not feel shame for your December Crazies. Acknowledging the problem is the first step towards resolution.  While the memory of the ailment is fresh in your mind, take these steps to prevent its re-occurrence:
  1. Apologize to injured friends and relatives. 
  2. Finish consuming holiday treats to eliminate further visual representations of the December Crazies. 
  3. Pack away decorations, gift boxes and holiday cheer.
  4. Carefully and quickly pay all bills to avoid the January Heart Attack. (see discussion of January Heart Attack in future post)
  5. Return to normal life activities.
Remember, knowledge is power, and the December Crazies is a preventable condition.

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