Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teaching Responsibility

Responsibility is one of those things we learn over a lifetime.  I remember thinking I was very responsible in High School.  Ha! If I only knew what was coming down the road...

It used to be that kids got up before the sun, completed chores, then went to school, came home, completed school work, then finished up the day with chores.  Now, they role out of bed before school, come home, argue about school work and refuse to do chores.

What happened?

Without moving to the farm and asking our kids to milk the cows, how do we teach our kids responsibility?  Knowing how to finish what they start, how to put effort into their labors and how to be proud of their work are all important lessons.  If we can't teach those things, we will send our children out into the world without being ready to take it on.

So that is the question for the day...How does one teach responsibility?

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