Friday, May 6, 2011

Frantic Friday #20 - Errands

Errands.  Not a fan of even the word, let alone the action it requires. Just saying the word brings visions of endless stops and starts, whiny kids in and out of the car and large chunks of change being spent. Wouldn't a day at the spa make more sense?

Fridays are my new errand days. Due to recent kid scheduling changes, I don't have a day I need to be out and about, so I have had to create a day.  Once again, NOT a fan. In fact, right now I am doing everything I can to avoid the inevitable. Just because we are out of milk and eggs does not mean I should have to do errands...does it??

So how do you handle errand day?  Do you group it all together or make little trips? Do you take the kids or use preschool time to get it all done?  Or, do you just bag it all and starve?


  1. Thursday has been my day. My oldest two have a one day a week school for homeschoolers, so it's the only day I only had to haul two around. Next Thursday is their last day though so...yee haw! :)

  2. I have to admit we may just go hungry and naked all summer so I can avoid errand with all kids in tow. It is enough to strike fear in the hearts!

  3. I try to sit down and schedule my week out so that I do a bit each day.Thankfully my kids are in school so I can do things alone. I do try to save gas and do all driving errands together.
    Here from the blog hop!

    Have a Great Day!

  4. I try to do it one or 2 days a week, getting 4 kids out of their car seats is too much. If possible I will do things on Saturday mornings while their daddy watches English soccer.

    I go a lot faster by myself!

  5. Well, Errand days are on the weekends for me and I seem to cram it all into one day (not the most efficient way to go about it, but that's the only option I have for the next little while). But in my opinion, it would be so cool to have delivery grocery (affordable)or a drive thru for simple stuff under 10 items LOL. Not lazy, efficient? hahaha, ok, maybe lazy to a degree, but if I could just go through a drive thru and get my milk, that would give me more time to drive around like Cruela Deville and cram all my stuff into one day haha. ~Cheryl from WAHM Solution