Monday, November 21, 2011

Motivational Monday #63 - Value

Value. It can be a noun or a verb. It has definitions in the dictionary, and personal meaning to everyone.  What I value may not be what you value.  What I give worth to, may not be what you give worth to.  In fact, I would suggest the term value is closely tied to each person's priorities. defines the noun value as "relative worth" while it defines the verb value as "to regard or esteem highly."  Both of these definitions are subjective.  If I am in a desert, I may value water highly.  If I am standing in waist deep flooding, well, then, maybe not.

Given these definitions, and knowing that "value" is subjective, I would suggest preparedness is one of those things people find value in after they make it a priority.  For some, it becomes a priority after they experience an emergency.  For others, it is after watching others face an emergency.  Then there are always those who prioritize preparedness just because it is a good idea.

The holiday season makes a lot of people think about priorities.  Maybe now is the time to see the value in preparedness.  Have a great week!

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