Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking Ahead

Tax Time.  (Did you just shudder?) I know tax time strikes fear into the hearts of the strongest and smartest.  While we all try to pay the correct amount throughout the year it doesn't always turn out the way we hoped.

As I get older I find tax season to be a little stressful.  It is not that I am a wasteful doofus who can't control my spending, I promise. The stress comes in the form of paperwork gathering.  Every year I have these amazing intentions to organize as I go.  If I receive a statement I put it into a "safe" place for tax season.  The problem is remembering where that "safe" place is come tax time.

This year I have decided to start early.  I will collect information as I see it and put it into a slightly less "safe" location so I can find it.  I will collect receipts and document expenses.  I will submit all reimbursement forms for my medical flex account on time.  I will rotate my files on December 31. I will have my information to the accountant on Feb 1.

Apparently I will also need to keep dreaming.  I think I will do all of this, but I won't.  I will struggle just like everyone else.  I will flip and flop, staying awake thinking of all the information I need to gather.  I will remember deductions after I have submitted to the IRS.  I will wait by the mailbox (or inbox) for proof of my return.  (Yes, I am optimistically thinking I will have a return...)  I will be relieved just like everyone else when it is over.

So why am I bringing this scary thought to the surface in November?  I have almost half a year before it is a true crisis.  Lest you forget, I am the "Prepared Binder" lady.  What kind of preparedness nut would I be if I wasn't prepared for tax season? hmmm?

I will raise my right hand, you can follow along if you wish, and I will swear to calm down, relax and not worry about it.  I will also promise to dutifully collect information as I find it.  I will start my return in a timely fashion.  I will enjoy my rebate or survive my payment.  I will NOT shy away from this task, but I will not obsess over it either. (You can put your hand down now.) 

Okay, now I am prepared.  That felt good...

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