Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Being Thankful is Not Just for Turkey Day

Today I choose to be thankful.  I choose to notice the people in my life who have made me a better person. I will also recognize those who hold my feet to the fire, like it or not. I will salute those who challenge me and force me to grow.  I will appreciate those who have propped me up when I was on my way down.  I will be thankful.

As corny as that all sounds, there is a lot of truth to it.  We all have people who challenge us, strengthen us and help us develop into who we are.  They are responsible for holding us accountable when we want to crawl under our covers and disappear.  They may infuriate us, drive us insane and be the reason we speak in four letter words, but they are also the reason we grow.

How many of those people do you have in your life?  I am sure there are members of your family who will make the list.  A few coworkers may be there, for good or evil.  My guess is there are also a few friends and even a few enemies on your list.

What have you learned from these people?  Have you seen yourself through their eyes enough times to get a different perspective?  Do you find yourself rising to their expectations or hiding from their stare?

I have many people in my life who make my list.  Most of the stories are too personal to share, but there is one I want to tell you about.

When I was thinking about starting a company my sister was my biggest cheerleader.  Many people in my family were excited, but my sister was over the moon.  She came with me when I filed my business license and she held my hand through the financial process.  She has been my best unpaid spokesman and coach.

There are days I don't have an optimistic view of life.  She inevitably calls me to tell me how great things are going for me.  The annoying part is she is usually right.  She tells me when I step over the line and it is time to apologize.  She has amazing ideas to help me expand my company and she solicits feedback from others on my behalf.  She is a rock and I appreciate her.

The picture at the top of this post is her.  She loves this picture and so do I.  It used to be on my web site, but when we did a remodel it was removed.  She has asked that I find a place to post it, and so I thought here was the perfect location.  From her on out she can point to this blog and know that not only do I find her to be a very important person in my life, I also love the little girl with the pink balloon.

Thanks sis.

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