Monday, January 7, 2013

Motivational Monday #76 - 10 Resolutions You Will Actually Like

Have you ever noticed how often we make resolutions about things we hate?  For example, I detest going to the gym and sweating in public, yet every so often I will be crazy enough to put "go the the gym" on my resolution list.  Why in the world would I be motivated to do something I hate?  What possible reason do I have for torturing myself?

Instead of making resolutions to do things we hate, which of course we will never do...I suggest we make resolutions to do things we want.  Back to the gym example, I hate sweating in public, so it isn't likely the weight room at the gym is the place for me.  I do however enjoy fitting into my jeans, so making a resolution to keep my weight within a 5 pound range is something that is in my best interest and I like the outcome.  If I gain weight, then I can walk more, swim, vacuum the house more often, or skip the jelly donuts. The method is up to me, but the goal is for something I really want.

Organization is the same way.  Many people detest the concept of dragging 30 year old junk out of the closet just to get overwhelmed and then shove it back in for another 30 years. 

So don't resolve to get organized this year!  Yep, I am the organization geek, and I just told you to not resolve to get organized.  If you hate the process, then don't torture yourself.  Find a different goal, that gives you something you love.  Here are a few examples of great non-organization goals that give you what you want.
  1. Resolve to find a convenient way to display (not organize) your shoes in your closet.  Make the goal easy access and recognition.  If things you don't want or need have to be removed to make way for the shoes...bonus!
  2. Resolve to identify your favorite cooking utensils and appliances so that you can put them in the easiest place to gain access. If your less favorite kitchen gear just happened to be donated to make space for the stuff you use and like...oh well!
  3. Resolve to share your old favorite books with others.  Encourage them to pass on the joy and give the book to someone else when they are finished.  If you never see it back, you will know you spread some joy, and your bookcase will have room for new favorites. Score!
  4. Resolve to beautify your kitchen counters.  This may mean getting cute boxes to hold unopened mail and paid bills, but that's okay!  Accidental organization is always welcome!
  5. Resolve to only wear clothes that fit and make you feel confident.  To identify the fabulous items in the closet that fit this bill, you may just have to try everything on.  If you happened to box up and give away the things that didn't quite meet your criteria, fabulous!
  6. Resolve to only keep what you use.  When on a quest to identify things you use, you may find things that you don't.   If that happens, you may have to let some stuff go.  Oh well!
  7. Resolve to take control of your finances and feel empowered to meet your financial goals.  You may just have to look at your spending and bank accounts to take control of them.  If you accidentally put all those papers in your copy of Prepared Binder and organized them, who could blame you?
  8. Resolve to enjoy the time with your family.  For me, enjoying the family means being less stressed about other things.  If I was forced to be less stressed, I might not schedule so many things, and I might cut back on busy work.  How sad...NOT!
  9. Resolve to focus on a hobby you love.  If you are focused on something you love, you might decide to clear out the supplies from attempted and failed hobbies of years gone by.  If those lovely items were sold or donated, you might just find extra space for the hobby you love.  Isn't it amazing how that works?
  10. Resolve to sleep soundly each night.  I love sleep, but there are so many reason to stay awake at night.  Most of those reasons have to do with undone projects or responsibilities. If, in the quest to sleep more, you were to find a way to keep track of and simplify your much the better!
So there are a few ways to have solid resolutions that you enjoy and will accomplish.  These are just a few of the "non" organizational goals out there.  I'm sure you can come up with many more.

So go forth, and DON'T organize your way into a Happy New Year!

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