Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bookstores and Root Canals

Apparently my last post broke the cardinal KISS rule. "Keep It Simple Stupid" (and might I add, Short) was never something I was good at, but I will do my best from here forward.

Preparedness is a scary topic for some.  Being prepared implies that something bad may happen in the future. I know that sounds a bit obvious, but think about it.  Emergency preparedness doesn't get us ready for a relaxing spa vacation, it gets us ready for an unpleasant experience.  To some this may feel like prolonging a trip to the dentist for a root canal.

I on the other hand LOVE preparedness. In this world of "who knows what will happen" I find it comforting to know I have done everything I can to control my future. (Are you reading into that last statement?  For the record, yes, I have control issues...) One great philosopher, or maybe many great philosophers, have said you don't know where you are until you know where you are going.  Where are you?

We are all standing in the great bookstore of life.  Are you stuck in the fear and denial section, or are you moving along to the self help aisle? Taking the time to inventory your life from a practical aspect can do wonders for your motivation, and dare I say, self esteem.  We all have more than we think we do. Look at getting prepared as a way to show how much you care about yourself and others.

So here is today's question: What stops you from taking stock? What are you afraid of?

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